Terrazzo Material

Bring a Touch of Mid-Century Modernism to Your Home

Unlimited matrix colors, color control, resiliency, chemical resistance, and tensile-compressive strengths not found in cement-based systems. Excellent for multi-colored patterns and designs. Lightweight and flexibility make it ideal for multi-story use. It has the lowest maintenance cost.

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Terrazzo Material Details

Features and information.

Terrazzo Designs for Durable Floor Surfaces

Your observant eye notices terrazzo in high traffic areas- airports, convention centers, hospitals, schools, stadiums, libraries, retail buildings, and religious institutions. Fort Wayne floors, Ohio floors, Michigan floors, and floors everywhere abound in terrazzo’s lasting mark. Besides, residences seek out terrazzo suppliers and installers to beautify outdoor gardens and create indoor durable floor surfaces and shower areas. Your imagination is boundless with F & M.

Terrazzo is a cast-in-place mosaic made of stone, plastic, metal, or glass chips held together with an epoxy, cement, or polyacrylate matrix. The compound is then ground, grouted, and polished for a lifetime, durable floor surface.

Terrazzo Floor Benefits

Cost-Effective: Terrazzo pays for itself over 15-20 years. Carpet wears out. Terrazzo doesn’t.

Low Maintenance: Terrazzo is easy to maintain. Just use a dust mop for light cleanup. Terrazzo is the most economical maintenance floor surface that you can buy!

Green: Terrazzo’s environmentally sound, durable floor surfaces offer more LEED credits than any other material you can add to your building (up to 4 LEED credits out of 24)!

Design: F & M’s suppliers and terrazzo installers create a plethora of designs limited only by your imagination!

Beautiful: Terrazzo’s countless colors, seamless surfaces, and grout-free joints offer beauty with ten times the strength of concrete. Zinc, aluminum, or brass terrazzo dividers can create unique logos, lettering, or graphics.

Earn terrazzo LEED credits for making environmentally smart choices.

Terrazzo scores LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits in green homes, new construction, retail offices, hospitals, and schools because green floors and green interiors such as terrazzo better retain desired temperatures, are durable and use recycled materials. Marble chips, glass aggregate, as well as epoxy binders are available throughout many areas of the United States. A floor incorporating 100 percent recycled glass aggregate could contain as much as 75 percent recycled raw material by volume. Manufactured thin-set epoxy terrazzo systems have moved to 100 percent solid formulas, eliminating the addition of any VOC’s in the product. A certification of compliance is provided by the individual epoxy manufacturer by request. Environmentally efficient green floors and green interiors also waste fewer resources to clean and maintain.

Go green with F & M Tile & Terrazzo here in Fort Wayne.

Adding Terrazzo flooring to your building gives you the most LEED credits of any material that you can put in your building. For full LEED credit, terrazzo contant must come from under 500 miles away, and F & M Tile and Terrazzo can supply the local materials needed for full credit. Contact us at (260) 483-639 to let us help you achieve those credits and build your design green.

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