Top Kitchen Colors to Brighten Up Your Fort Wayne, IN Home

Top Kitchen Colors to Brighten Up Your Home

Choose light and bright kitchen colors for walls, countertops, backsplashes, and other hard surfaces in your Fort Wayne, Indiana home. The most often used room in the house deserves special attention to help it feel welcoming, comfortable, and clean. The following color options will help transform the space even if it lacks windows and natural light.

1 – White Works for Kitchen Walls and Hard Surfaces

Nothing is brighter than white, and it has been a popular color for paint, counters, cabinets, tile work, and floors for decades. Whether you have a lot of natural light streaming in the windows or rely on LED bulbs, the white surfaces reflect and improve the quality and illumination. There are many shades of white from warm golden tones to cool fog that borders on gray. Match the right one to an accent color for a stylish burst of brightness.

2 – Modern Neutrals from Brown to Gray

Gray took over from brown to beige and tan as the go-to neutral for kitchens and throughout the house. However, warmer tones are regaining their popularity with interest in more natural and organic-looking home decor. Neutrals make exploring your own style easy with accents, wall art, colorful dishes, and more. These shades are also smart choices if you intend to sell your home in the near future as potential buyers can imagine their favorites on this plain backdrop.

3 – Pastels Are Not Only for Babies

If you want the brightness of light colors without the austerity of white, choose a pastel shade of green, blue, peach, yellow, or pink. Some of the most popular options include sage green and pale teal which go well with white or neutral kitchen countertops, cabinets, and other hard surfaces.

4 – Introduce Sunny Colors to Mimic Natural Light

Whether you have large windows in the kitchen or not, the look and feel of natural light make everything better. A kitchen is a place for energy, activity, and family time. This makes upbeat colors like yellow, pale gold, and peach great options to try. Also consider a brighter accent wall or backsplash in tomato red, pumpkin orange, or lemon yellow.

5 – Natural With Green in the Kitchen

Home decorating focuses more on natural living and lifestyles than ever before, so it makes sense that green has become a popular color for kitchen cabinets, floors, and walls. While gentle tones like sage and mint help to brighten your room, darker pine or forest greens have also become quite popular when paired with white tile and counters.

6 – Create Contrast With Dark Tones

It may seem counterintuitive to choose dark colors if you want your kitchen to look brighter. However, pine greens, navy blue, and even charcoal gray are very on-trend these days. The secret for style is to use them on lower cabinets or in conjunction with bright tones that create a pleasing contrast. For example, dark green cabinets with white kitchen countertops are a look you can find on all the hottest home decor websites.

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