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Granite is an igneous rock that has large grains formed within it; these grains are a result of the crystallization of cooling magma way below in the Earth’s surface. These crystallized pieces are visible throughout the rock and are darker in appearance than the pink, grey, or white exterior of the natural mineral rock.

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The composition of all these different elements gives granite its unique and exciting appearance. Once the stone is polished, these crystal pieces glisten in the light. As a result, a spectacular piece is obtained that can be installed to elevate the appearance of your home.

Granite is most commonly preferred for countertops because of its ability to resist heat and stains. The stone is also extremely durable and can add value to your home. Granite tiles can also be used for flooring; each tile has a unique appearance, much like marble, because of the naturally occurring crystallization process. If you want to see the options we have available for granite countertops and flooring, get in touch with one of our experts below!

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