All You Need to Know About Polished Concrete Flooring

If you are operating a commercial facility with a lot of foot and vehicular traffic, you would know that the flooring needs frequent upkeep and maintenance. While most commercial spaces continue to operate with a bland concrete surface year after year, a better option to consider is polished concrete flooring.

Polished concrete flooring is essentially a multistep process. The concrete slab is ground, honed, and polished with bonded abrasives to produce a concrete surface with a more refined appearance.

This post will shed light on why polished concrete flooring is a viable option for your facility and what to expect when proceeding with it.

Long Operating Life

If you get your polished concrete flooring done by seasoned professionals, the finished product can last for decades. You can’t get such a long-span operating life with any other flooring material. When you maintain the polishing concrete floors correctly, they can even exceed the building’s useful life and premises.

Supreme Durability

Polished concrete can withstand all sorts of massive equipment movement and heavy foot traffic without developing wear patterns in most situations. This impressive unmatched durability of polished concrete will save you from the hefty costs of routine floor repairs and replacements.

Great Flooring for Wheeled Traffic

The absence of grout joints and textured surfaces are a perfect fit for materials handling or rolling a suitcase. The smooth finish does not contain voids for dirt to collect or wheels to get stuck. The durability and long-lasting utility of polished concrete is the perfect choice for warehouses, factories, and greenhouses. If the workforce in your facility has to be on their feet for long hours, it might get a bit uncomfortable to stand. You can take the edge off of this easily by putting anti-fatigue mats on the floor.

Easy Maintenance

Usually, regular broom sweeping and damp mopping is enough to maintain polished concrete floors in their pristine conditions. You may need to use a neutral soap in the water when wet mopping for heavily soiled spots.

Stain and Chemical Resistant

A polished concrete floor’s surface is often treated with a densifier, which offers stain resistance from accidental spills. Additionally, the polished concrete floor can be treated with a chemical-resistant epoxy coating that protects it from alkalis, acids, corrosives, and other strong chemicals.

Design Variety

Whether it is stenciled graphics, decorative engraving, or stained color options, you can opt for a range of designs and patterns with polished concrete flooring.

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