A Brief Guide to Renovate an Industrial-Style Kitchen

If you are a fan of contemporary industrial style aesthetics and want to try it out in your home, you should start with the kitchen. How you manage to decorate your kitchen will tell if you proceed with industrial aesthetics for the rest of the interior as well.

Here, we will discuss some of the important pointers of transforming your kitchen’s look into an industrial-style working space.

Keep the Space Open

Industrial and modern urban loft-style decors are characterized by open, wide spaces. Therefore, you need to keep that primary element in mind when renovating your kitchen on the lines of industrial aesthetics. There are many ways to keep the kitchen space open even without expanding its square footage.

Here’s our list of how you can keep the appearance of your kitchen open without using any extra space:

· Keep the ceilings high

· Use cabinets that have more height than width

· Keep the color scheme of the kitchen light

· De-clutter the space and put extra items in counter undersides

Leave the Floor Simple and Rough

If you are going for the complete kitchen renovation that also involves floor replacement, you must carefully pick the material. We believe no material is better than polished concrete for the flooring of an industrial-style kitchen. You can also use waterproof luxury vinyl tiles to imitate the look and feel of stone flooring.

Whatever flooring material you choose, make sure that it strikes a balance between simplicity and roughness in its appearance.

Kitchen Counter: Strong Built and Minimal Design

The counter of an industrial-style kitchen should look like a cooking space of a facility spanning thousands of square feet. Therefore, keep the kitchen counter wide in dimensions and let it be finished with marble or quartz. Make sure that the natural stone you pick for the counter is not heavy on the design side. A wide kitchen counter with minimalistic natural stone will look the part.

Add More Silver

When we say ‘adding more silver,’ we mean metallic finish should be a common theme among your kitchen appliances and fixtures. Also, make sure that they have strapping profiles and footprints. For instance, you can pick a wide-body stainless steel kitchen sink with a lustrous silver finish. Similarly, try to have cabinet finishing that can emulate the metallic surface. Also, use metallic utensils, plates, bowls, and other small kitchen supplies.

Yellow Lighting

Illuminate your industrial-style kitchen with yellow lights to get the proper feel. If possible, use metallic light fixtures with the same silver finish mentioned above. Hanging light fixtures is another element of industrial aesthetics. Hence, try to have a hanging bulb with a metallic casing on the island and counter of the kitchen.

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