A Brief Guide on Designing a Small Kitchen

Designing a small kitchen that can offer seamless workflow and doesn’t look all cramped up is no mean feat. However, there are many creative ways to design a small kitchen where it doesn’t look small or have any of its core functions compromised either.

Here, we will discuss some measures that you can take to design a small kitchen for the best possible visual appeal and functionality.

Get Creative with Lighting

You can’t stretch the square footage of your kitchen but you can still make it look bigger by having a creative lighting application. First of all, you should opt for layered lighting. By layered lighting, we mean having a different task, accent, and ambient lighting fixtures. You can use recessed fixtures for ambient lighting. Moreover, pick a pedant fixture to have accent lighting. For task lighting, under-cabinet lights can create perfect illumination. The use of different lights in the right place makes even a small kitchen look big.

Any space looks bigger in natural light. So, if it is feasible, have a skylight in the kitchen to make the most of daylight. You can also use tile backsplash, shiny countertops, and other surfaces to have more reflective coverage in the kitchen space. These choices will also make your kitchen look bigger.

Choose the Right Color Scheme

Don’t go with dark colors for your kitchen if it is already small. Light color combinations will open up space and make your kitchen look bigger. But keep in mind that you need to be very diligent with cleanliness because light color surfaces can go dirty very quickly, especially in the kitchen.

Pick the Appliances Wisely

If you have a small kitchen, your kitchen appliance should also have a small footprint to ensure smooth workflow and movement. Your kitchen will get cluttered if you bring a 30L microwave and a 6-burner cooktop. If you don’t have to cook in large quantities, you can easily do it with small kitchen appliances.

Go with a Low-Profile Kitchen Counter

When setting up a kitchen counter, set its height an inch or two lower than the standard counter height. This low-profile look of the counter doesn’t obstruct the field of view of the kitchen. Also, use a lustrous and light-colored kitchen countertop if it is a small space.

Make the Most of Undersides and Vertical Space

After the installation of the sink and countertops, you will get a lot of underside space that you can use to tuck in items that clutter the kitchen space otherwise. Moreover, leverage all the vertical space available in your kitchen by installing vertical cabinets. They can offer you a lot of storage space. Also, their vertical construction creates a perception of a high ceiling.

When you will have a lot of storage options with the underside and wall cabinets, you can keep the counter free of the bulk of kitchen accessories, food items, and dinnerware.

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