A Brief Guide for Home Gym Flooring

If you have decided to set up a home gym due to COVID restrictions or for convenient access to fitness resources, we would like to congratulate you. Besides selecting the space and picking equipment, you also need to be mindful of the floor your home gym will have.

In this post, we will try to help you out in how to go about home gym flooring to create a perfect fitness island at your property.

4 Things to Remember When Picking Material for Gym Flooring

Consider these things when you are constructing or renovating the floor for your home gym.

1. It Should Boast Good Traction

Besides being durable, the home gym floor must offer a good grip so that you can easily move around and use weights and other gym equipment. A slippery floor, no matter how good it looks, is not meant for space where you need to engage in high-endurance exercises that involve a lot of movement.

2. It Should Have Even Footing

Whether you are turning your garage or basement into a home gym, make sure its flooring has even space. If you are laying down a new floor, make it certain that it offers a plain and even surface to walk on.

3. It Should Not Be Hassle to Use for Ground Exercises

Pushups, floor presses, stretching and many other exercises are carried out directly on the ground. Therefore, make sure your gym floor offers the required convenience and functionality for those ground exercises.

4. It Should Be Easy to Clean

Gym floors can get messy real quick. If you don’t want to turn your home gym into a stinky mess, you have to clean it regularly. For that, the gym must boast a floor that is easy to clean.

Materials to Pick for the Gym Floor

While rubber mats are a necessity for any gym, you need to pick materials for the rest of the gym floor as well. These are some materials you can consider for your gym.


If you don’t have budget issues, carpeting is one of the best ways to go about home gym flooring. They offer good traction and remain comfortable for ground exercises.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVTs)

If you are on a budget, consider installing LVTs in your home gym. Make sure you pick the textured tiles that boast grip. LVTs can uplift the look of your home gym. They are easy to clean too. However, if you use weights and kettlebells, don’t forget to put rubber mats beneath those items.

Polished Concrete

If you want to give a rugged look to your home gym, you can consider a mechanically polished concrete surface. It is inherently slip-resistant, great against impacts, and also helps you maintain the temperature of the gym during summer.

If you need any further guidance on picking the right material for your home gym flooring, you can get in touch with flooring experts at F & M Tile and Terrazzo Company. The company has been operating for more than six decades, offering first-class hard-surface solutions for flooring, wall tiles, and kitchen countertops.

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