5 Reasons to Pick Luxury Vinyl Tiles for Your Flooring Job

The use of vinyl for floors brought a revolution in the flooring industry because it started to provide a cheaper alternative compared to options of wood and stone flooring. However, the cost-effectiveness of vinyl flooring products often come with a compromise on quality and aesthetics. The arrival of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) has changed that equation.

LVT is essentially an improved version of vinyl, boasting better strength and rigidity. It features high-density fiberboard that gives vinyl laminate the durability it lacked earlier. If you are mulling over having a flooring revamp of your property and can’t decide the right material, consider luxury vinyl tiles for the following five reasons.

1. LVT Offers Style and Aesthetic Value

The lamination characteristic of LVT allows you to order them in any style and theme you want. You can install high-quality LVT that imitates the look and feel of expensive wooden and marble surfaces with such finesses that you can’t tell them apart from the original. If you are on a shoestring for your flooring job but do not want to compromise on the visual appeal and finishing of the space, LVT is an excellent choice.

2. LVT Is Ideal for Spaces with Higher Foot Traffic

Luxury vinyl tiles possess better scratch-resistant qualities than regular vinyl. LVT can withstand powerful thumps and strikes without cracking. Ideal properties for all those spaces that experience higher foot traffic. These upgraded vinyl tiles are suitable for rooms and areas where kids play, and pets stroll around.

3. LVT Is Easy to Maintain

Many homeowners fail to consider regular maintenance and upkeep while choosing a floor. Consequently, they regret their flooring choice. You do not encounter such regrets with LVT flooring because it is exceedingly easy to maintain. These tiles are resistant to staining and damage from moisture.

Unlike wooden and marble floors, you do not have to stress about cleaning. Simple damp mopping once in a while is sufficient to keep any top-quality LVT in its pristine condition.

4. LVT Is Easy to Install and Replace

The installation and removal of LVT flooring are also hassle-free. A professional flooring contractor will be able to flawlessly install luxury vinyl tiles across the property’s square footage with the quickest turnaround and without the need of tearing up the existing floor. If a luxury vinyl tile gets damaged, you can replace it separately without needing to change the adjacent tiles.

5. LVT Is an Affordable Option

LVT is a great flooring option if you are balancing on a tight rope budget. Even top-of-the-line LVT flooring will cost you many times less than typical hardwood flooring while offering all the benefits discussed above.

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