4 Ways to Prevent Scarring Your New Floor

Scuffs and scratches will still appear on your floor. If you have pets and children, your floor will age faster. Moving furniture, appliances, and small objects brought into your home by your shoes can damage and scratch your floor.

If you have switched your old floor for a new floor, you likely want to keep your floor looking new for years to come, but how? Here are our four tips to prevent your new floor from looking old. Lets jump right in!

1. Do Not Drag or Push Appliances or Furniture

Moving and pushing appliances and furniture on the floor can cause your new floor to become riddled with scratches. If you need to relocate your furniture and want to reduce floor damage, we suggest placing cardboard along the path of your appliance or furniture and then moving it.

You can use a hand truck to move heavy furniture and appliances. Should you put the furniture directly on the floor? No, you shouldn’t. We recommend you place an area rug under the legs of the furniture. The area rug will not only protect your new floor, but it will also look beautiful.

An alternative to an area rug would be a furniture pad. Made from cork, felt, or rubber material; they stick to the base of the legs of your furniture.

2. Place a Mat Outside Every Entry Door

When people come into your home, they won’t be the only ones coming in because, with them, they will bring small pebbles and other objects lodged in the bottom of the shoes. When you move around in your shoes, the hard deposits on the base of your shoes can transfer from them to your new floor.

In the high traffic areas of your house, you may want to either place a mat or a rug outside each entry door of your house.

3. Use a Sealer to Reduce Potential Damage

You will come across several different types of sealers available in the market. You can apply them to the flooring to reduce the risk of potential damage to your new floor. For hardwood flooring, we suggest selecting engineered hardwood. The type of wood used to create the hardwood floor also determines how to scratch resistance it is.

4. Disassemble the Furniture before Moving It

If you are moving into your new home with your brand new flooring, you should disassemble your furniture before placing it in your home. You will find it easier to relocate your furniture, as dissembling makes it lighter, allowing two people to move it into the house with ease.

For instance, if you need to move the bed, you can remove the bed frame. You can also buy a slider or a glider that fits under the legs of the furniture to help you move it from outside to the inside of the house.

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