4 of the Best Flooring Options for Colder Regions

Winter temperatures can get quite unforgiving in Indiana when it drops to sub-zero levels. Those biting temperatures with snowfall can only make things worse for homeowners who struggle to keep their homes warm and cozy.

While a fully functional HVAC or radiant heating system is a must to take the edge off the harsh cold, a well-thought-flooring can make a lot of difference in how the inside of your house feels like in winters.

In this post, we will share the flooring options you can consider for your home if you live in states with more severe winters than summers.

Carpet Flooring

Carpet is undoubtedly the best option to drape your floors in a colder climate. Top-quality, thick carpeting allows you to walk around the house barefoot without frosting your soles and fingers. Carpets can also help in insulating any given room. This insulation will help in conserving the containing the heat produced by the heating system.

Besides its benefits for keeping your home warm, carpets are also a great option to accentuate your interior. You can fiddle with multitudes of colors and patterns and have customized carpet flooring for every individual room.

If you or anyone in your family has respiratory issues that get aggravated by dust, then always pick carpets with natural fiber. Those carpets might lie at a higher price point, but they are intrinsically resistant to dust mite infestation.

Tile Flooring

If you have radiant floor heating in your house, a tile floor is the best option. We all know that the tiles are good conductors. When you lay tile flooring on a radiantly-heated floor, you ensure that its heating effect remains long-lasting in the given space through the tiles’ excellent heat conduction. A tile is also a good option for colder regions because they are easy to clean. You can easily wipe clean the sludge of snow and mud that often end up inside the house with shoes.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl can offer many design choices. Hiring a professional flooring contractor for the insulation of any top-quality vinyl flooring is the best option. Vinyl is water-resistant and easy to clean, unlike carpeting. The appearance is pretty similar to traditional hardwood floors. Luxury vinyl tile has an average lifespan of 25 to 30 years, making it a tremendously cost-effective flooring option.

Laminate Flooring

A good laminate is a great cheap alternative for traditional wood flooring. Like regular timber, it doesn’t crack, expand, or become damp due to the shenanigans of weather. However, it can emulate the exact look of any high-end wooden floor. The other great thing about laminate flooring is that it adjusts pretty well with heated floors.

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