4 Flooring Options to Consider for the Patio of Your Indiana Home

The concept of a patio originated from Spanish architecture. However, it remained confined to that region for centuries because Spain’s climate was significantly different from other parts of Europe. Interestingly, patio extensions started becoming popular in the early 20th century, thousands of miles across the Atlantic in all of those US states where summers were intense and prolonged.

Today, patios are a part of architectural design suitable for all those regions that experience moderate temperatures for most of the year. If you consider a patio for your home in Indiana to spend pleasant summer evenings with friends and family in an outdoor setting within the home, keep reading this article. Here we will discuss the patio flooring options you can consider.

1. Concrete

No material can beat concrete when it comes to patio flooring. The reason why concrete works so much better for patios is that it offers equally great value on aesthetical and functional fronts. A well-laid-out concrete patio doesn’t experience freezing and thawing in cold temperatures. It is also hardwearing enough against impacts that can cause chips and cracks on other materials. Concrete is also easy on the pocket and is not high-maintenance either.

Also, you can have your concrete finished in multiple ways. Besides having a polished concrete patio, you can have it stamped, brushed, and scored patterns as well. Moreover, decoration with inlays and paints are also some of the options to finish concrete patios.

2. Stone

Stone lets you give your patio a more regal look. You have multiple stone options to consider for your patio, from quartz and granite to terrazzo and marble. If you have a budget and are not wary of their maintenance, you can opt for stones for their stunning colors and built-in designs. You can choose between symmetrical and irregular stone patterns to adjust the patio floors’ look with the rest of your property.

3. Tile

If you want the elegance of stone but don’t have the budget for an actual natural stone flooring, you can consider tile flooring for the patio. Tile offers you a lot of options when it comes to patterns, designs, and visual profiles. Increase the lifespan of a tiled patio by selecting a suitable product, consider the exposure to weather, and the installation method.

4. Brick Pavers

Brick pavers allow you to emulate the European style of patios in your house. The intrinsic pattern of paved bricks proves to be a great design in and of itself. Brick pavers are exceedingly a better option than most choices for durability. Brick pavers complement the rest of the rustic and classical architecture as well.

If you want to build or renovate your patio with quality flooring material in Fort Wayne, Indiana, get in touch with F & M Tile & Terrazzo Company. We have been operating for more than six decades, offering first-class hard-surface solutions for flooring, wall tiles, and kitchen countertops. We can do up your patio floors with first-rate quality of any of the materials mentioned above at a reasonable price.

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