4 Best Flooring Options for Summer Houses

A summer house makes for a perfect gateway without going anywhere. It lets you make the most of your garden and outdoor space. On top of that, you can bask in the season while getting around its sweltering harshness. How you set up your summer house plays an integral role in determining its comfort quotient. For instance, what type of flooring you opt for in your summer house plays a key role in establishing its ambiance.

In this post, we will share with you some of the flooring options that you can consider while setting up or renovating your summer house.

1. Stonework

If you want to provide a rustic touch to your summer house while making sure that it maintains a pleasant temperature on hot days, you should consider getting stonework for the floors. It is important to mention here that if you opt for any good flooring contractor, you will get many options to fiddle with. From marble to granite and quartz to terrazzo, you can pick the stonework that matches your aesthetical sensibilities and budget.

You can go on and transform your summer house floors into a piece of art by picking the right stones and the craftsman for the installation. Apart from aesthetics, stonework on the floors is also great because natural stones, rocks, and composites remain cool when they are installed in the shaded place.

2. Tiles

If you want to create an island of modernity amidst your garden, you can consider tile flooring for your summer house. You can create a contemporary industrial setting in your summer with the help of the right tiles. Moreover, tiles also don’t get heat up if they are not directly exposed to the sunlight. Picking tiles in light hues can also help you create the perfect bright ambiance for a summer house.

3. Luxury Vinyl Tiles

If you are tight on budget but still want something impressive for your summer house floors, you can opt for luxury vinyl tiles. LVTs are not just pocket-friendly. They make a great flooring option for various other reasons. To begin with, you can pick the design you want. Whether you want to mimic stone flooring or want to go with an all-wooden appearance for your summer house, you can use LVTs. A thick LVT is also well insulated and doesn’t undergo any temperature changes even if it is hot outside.

4. Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is another budget-friendly option for summer house flooring. It is great for floors if your summer house gets too hot during peak season. Concrete remains cold as long as it is away from the direct heat. Polished concrete is also a great flooring option for a summer house because it can create that rough and rustic look that many people want in their summer getaways.

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