3 Outdoor Flooring Options That Promise Comfort and Style

The best choice for outdoor flooring is the one that makes your home look stylish from the inside out. Since you don’t want to spend all summer out in the dirt and you’ve got a lovely pool, patio, front yard or backyard, you shouldn’t overlook the right flooring options.

Most homeowners don’t even know what options to choose from, which naturally, makes it impossible to make a good decision on the best outdoor flooring option for their home. Since you’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of options out there, we’re going to help make things a lot easier for you by only sharing our absolute favorites:

1. Composite Wood Decking

This particular option is perhaps the most versatile choice based on its appearance. Composite wood decking could transform your outdoor flooring so you can experience a chic, modern and polished feel as well as a homey and rustic look to your home.

Wood flooring never becomes outdated and, therefore, your choice will never seem old-fashioned. What’s more, you can also consider these tiles as an inexpensive and trendier version of traditional wooden deck boards.

2. Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

If there is anything that is more exquisite than wooden or stone patios, it is ceramic or porcelain tiles. Most of the wood or stone patios aren’t exactly real and the best part about porcelain tiles in the outdoors is that they are a lot more durable than wood or stone. Depending on their PEI rating, you can experience the rustic look of both options with more durability and at a more affordable price.

Another great benefit of porcelain or ceramic tiles is that they are super easy to maintain and clean. All you need to do is mop or sweep over them occasionally and you’ll be all set.

3. Artificial Grass

Don’t like either of the two options we’ve listed above? Well, it’s not like the astroturf from the 1980s is a new trend but the fact of the matter is that they look incredibly like the real deal. In fact, we bet that you can pass your new turf yard on a daily basis and still not realize that it isn’t real.

Since you have the realistic look and feel of grass, astroturf can work as a great alternative to outdoor flooring. Plus, if you know how expensive it is to maintain a lawn full of grass when it is boiling outdoors and hasn’t rained in ages, you’ll be willing to choose astroturf over natural grass any day of the week.

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