16 Spaces With Mismatched Tile Designs That Prove Eccentric Chic Is Everything!

Tiles are a great option for flooring, kitchen backsplashes, and, in some cases, even walls.

But, getting a simple tile that has a single color can seem somewhat boring. Mixing in some colors and patterns into your design can really add some spunk to your space. Mix and match tiles are a great way to do this! This style, inspired by different parts of the world like Mexico and Turkey, can add a bohemian feel to your home. Here are some spaces that have used the style to give you inspiration:

  1. This monochromatic mix and match tile floor bring a point of interest in an otherwise plain room. Keeping the colors to black and white adds a modern touch to an otherwise bohemian and eccentric design.

  2. This space uses a similar design technique as the one above. By keeping the rest of the elements in the room fairly plain, the floor is free to steal the show. The contrast of the black and white tiles against the white walls makes for a striking design.

  3. Using a mixture of patterns of blue and white tiles will give your space an airy and light feel. The blue and white tiles here are used everywhere from the floor to the walls to create a seamless design.

  4. Mismatched tiles used in the entrance of a home can really set the tone of your whole aesthetic. In this space, larger tiles of varying tones, colors, and patterns make up the floor of an apartment entrance to add some fun to an otherwise boring area.

  5. This quaint kitchen has been painted with bright blue cabinets and has wooden accents. The use of mix and match tiles that feature similar tones makes the flooring of this space cohesive with the rest of the design.

  6. Mismatched tiles aren’t just for floors. In this kitchen, the concept has been used to add some color to the kitchen’s backsplash. The rest of the kitchen works with fairly muted colors, so the use of color with these tiles is quite refreshing.

  7. If you like the concept of using mismatched tiles for your backsplash, but find the use of color a bit overwhelming, you can do what they have done in this kitchen. Instead of featuring printed tiles throughout, they have added a few randomly placed tiles to add a hint of color.

  8. Using a whole variety of vibrant hues can add some character to your kitchen. This kitchen’s walls and cabinets are left white, but the floor features a number of different colors to add some eccentricity to the design.

  9. These mismatched tiles don’t have to take over your whole floor. They can also be used on parts of your floor like they have done here to add a point of interest in your space. In this design, the mix and match tiles have also been used on one of the walls for a seamless finish.

  10. Mismatched tiles can be used for an entire wall. Over here, the printed tiles have been used to create a vibrant wall with tons of variety. A similar wall can completely transform your entire space.

  11. If you are looking for an idea that’s totally out of the box, you can look here for inspiration. The designer has used vibrant printed tiles to decorate the lower part of the kitchen counter. This space would otherwise remain quite plain, but in this case, it brings something special to the table.

  12. Here’s another example of using mismatched tiles to elevate the look of your kitchen counter. The colorful pattern is mirrored on the kitchen backsplash to add a little more oomph to this room.

  13. Another way to use these printed tiles is to create a Mexican style staircase. This colorful flight of stairs is all the inspiration we need to transform our home from drab to fab with just a few simple changes!

  14. If all that color isn’t for you, but you still love the concept, check out this flight of stairs. It uses the same concept of mixing and matching styles to decorate the stairs, but instead of using bright colors, it uses muted blues and neutral shades for a similar effect.

  15. Here’s another way you can incorporate this design into your home. These hexagonal tiles have been incorporated into a wooden floor to create a fantastic entrance way into this home.

  16. With similar hexagon mix and match tiles, you can create a Turkish-style feel for your home. In this kitchen, the earthy-toned tiles have been used to decorate the walls and the floor for a complete room transformation.

These beautiful patterned tiles can really transform an entire space. The eccentric bohemian aesthetic may not be for everyone but can be played around with to suit your style. If you want to use this concept to incorporate the style in your home, check out our tile collection to help you get started!

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