12 Terrazzo Spaces That Embraced The Old-Fashioned Charm

Terrazzo is an extremely versatile material that is used for flooring and countertops, and even on walls. It is made up of small pieces of glass, granite, quartz, and marble that is mixed into cement to create wonderfully dynamic tiles that are then used in homes. Since the parts added to the cement can vary in color, shape, size, and texture, the finished tiles can differ vastly, depending on how they are made.

Now, this style was extremely popular in the 60s and 70s, so a lot of people tend to steer away from it. However, with the advances in the process and the change in aesthetic style, these tiles are making a comeback in a big way! More modern colors are being used with bigger pieces of various materials being mixed in. The terrazzo tile has transformed, and the new and improved upgrade is stealing the show. Here are some of our favorite spaces enhanced by terrazzo:

1. The Kitchen Backsplash

This adorable pink kitchen has used terrazzo tiles on the countertop while continuing it onto the backsplash wall. It gives a nice break to the pink wall and accessories while still incorporating the pink hues throughout the tile.

2. The Emerald Bathroom

This gorgeous bathroom has used black, white, and grey terrazzo against jewel-toned green and gold. This combination exudes elegance and class - the classic emerald and gold combination against the monochromatic terrazzo creates an extremely interesting interior.

3. Mixing Textures

The interiors in this bathroom not only play around with varying colors but textures as well. The blue striped wooden wall adjacent to the terrazzo shower wall has such a drastic change in colors and textures that works so well aesthetically.

4. A Colorful Countertop

This lovely kitchen counter is done up with terrazzo that features large fragments. The dark teal of the cabinets and gold accents are reflected through the colors used in the terrazzo for a completely seamless design.

5. Breaking the Monotony

In this space, terrazzo has been used very smartly to break up the monotony of the white walls and floors. It has been used in combination with wooden beams to give an otherwise plain space an interesting upgrade.

6. Complementing Colors

The owner of this clothing store decided to use terrazzo tiles with flecks of turquoise with a light turquoise painted banister to create a point of interest and attraction in the store. We think it works so well!

7. Playing With Shapes

In this space, one shape has been used across the entire space within different elements to show cohesiveness. The circular shapes against the random fragments of the terrazzo make for an unusual and interesting combination.

8. Prints and Patterns

This modern space has taken a lot of inspiration from past fashions. From the muted green and pink to the mixed patterns, this style is a clear derivation of the classic 60s style. The varying prints and patterns throughout the space are a fresher take on the decades-old style.

9. The Traditional Terrazzo

In this bathroom, the tiny pieced terrazzo has been used everywhere. It covered everything; the floors, the walls, and even the sink! This single pattern used throughout is a very modern and minimalistic use of terrazzo, which we love!

10. The Monochromatic Tile

Talk about modern! This bathroom has represented the use of monochromatic terrazzo perfectly. The daring black bathroom has broken up the darkness with the fragments of white features in the terrazzo to create a bathroom that is truly out of this world.

11. Varying Textures

In this super fashion-forward bathroom, the designer has used terrazzo as a texture to add to the varying finishes of everything in the space. The rough textured walls, the fragmented terrazzo, and smooth, rounded sink, are all brought together through the marsala hues featured throughout.

12. A Modern Mix and Match

This gorgeous space is a perfect representation of how different versions of terrazzo can be used in combination to create a modern and eye-catching space. The flooring, the wall, the staircase, and even the planter are made from terrazzo!

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