Quartz Guide – Natural Stone for Kitchen Countertops

Quartz – Why This Natural Stone Works for Kitchen Countertops

From the crust of the Earth to kitchen counters all over the world, quartz is one of the most common materials found anywhere. Before you make a decision about what natural stone to decorate your house with, take the time to learn about this unique hard surface solution.

What Is Quartz?

Genuine quartz is a silicon-based igneous rock found everywhere on Earth. It comes in a variety of forms including semi-precious gems like jasper, carnelian, and even amethyst. However, most quartz is simply white or another pale neutral shade. Due to how common this rock is, many countries all around the world exported from giant pit mines. Top exporters include China, Turkey, Germany, Brazil, and the United States.

Quartz Appears in Home Building

Unlike granite or marble slabs, quartz was never really used in its original form for things like floor tiles and kitchen counters. Instead, it and other materials were ground up, combined with a resin or other polymer, and manufactured into slabs of various sizes. This differentiates natural stone from the man-made product it is today that builders and home decorators still just call quartz. It first came in the market in the 1960s and has increased in popularity since then.

An Italian company called Breton first created the engineered stone production process and has been an important player in the industry since then. This patent remains the foundation of all quartz countertop and tile work done around the world today. However, some companies do add their own unique flares and add other aggregates or particles that may include glass, metal, other stones, and unique color pigments.

Why Many Choose Manufactured Quartz Stone

Most people decide what materials to use in their kitchen based on appearance, durability, and cost. Quartz countertops combine all three of these things into a near-perfect solution. First, these hard surface solutions simply look great. The manufacturing process involves the addition of colors and patterns that can make quartz look like any other type of stone in a wide variety of styles. Second, they last a lifetime. Finally, depending on the specific style chosen, they can cost less than natural stone slabs in some cases.

An additional point of interest is that manufactured quartz kitchen counters are relatively eco-friendly. Many are created from the smaller pieces ground up and combined with resins, thus minimizing waste.

Quartz kitchen countertops are some of the most popular options chosen for new construction and home refurbishment today. People who love natural materials gravitate toward stone like this. While granite and marble are also common options, quartz brings some unique characteristics. It looks great, is more affordable, carries a low risk of staining, chips, or other damage, and can actually help your home appreciate in value as part of a kitchen renovation. The decision to include these hard surface solutions is simple. Quartz kitchen counters offer more.

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