Outdoor Kitchen Countertops: Best Options for the Backyard Grill

Outdoor Kitchen Countertops: The Backyard Grill

Homeowners in Fort Wayne, IN, and the nearby areas spend time outside in the backyard with family and friends all through the spring, summer, and fall. If you love to grill outside for everyday dinner or great weekend parties, you need the perfect outdoor kitchen with the best countertops around. Planning which barbecue to buy and where to put table and chairs is important, but your choice of outdoor counter material really makes all the difference.

Create the Perfect Backyard Kitchen

Buying outdoor countertops for your Indiana home requires some extra planning than when you upgrade your indoor kitchen. You want a material that is both attractive and will last for many years to come despite full exposure to the weather. Even if your outdoor kitchen has a roof or pergola overhead, the counters will still experience wide temperature fluctuations, rain, and snow.

Of course, it is also important to consider cost when designing the food preparation and serving space around the grill. Luckily, there is a wide variety of options you can choose from for an impressive outdoor living space.

The Best Materials for Outdoor Counters

The two words that come to mind first when considering exterior countertops are durable and low maintenance. Choose a nonporous material like granite so that the structure does not get damaged by the weather over time. Other great options include quartz slabs and even marble. The latter would require proper sealing in order to last as long as possible without stains or damage.

Granite is simply the most durable slab or tile material for grill countertops. The darker colors especially resist staining very well. Also, since granite is so hard, it would be very difficult to scratch or otherwise damage the surface. It comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns to suit your outdoor decorating interests.

Manufactured quartz countertops are also popular options for backyard installation. This affordable material offers a wide range of color options including some bold and bright choices you may not normally use for an indoor kitchen. It is virtually impossible to crack or chip these countertops, and their nonporous surface means no standing or discoloration due to the weather either. This also makes maintenance much easier and greatly reduces the risk of growing organic matter on the surface in the off-season.

While marble is more porous than the two options above, many people still love the look so much that they will install it for their backyard grill area. Simply invest in stone sealant and reapply every year to keep these stylish counters in great condition.

If you love to cook outside in the warm Indiana summers, and frequently have family and friends over for barbecues, you need an outdoor kitchen with style. These grill countertop options will create the best-looking and longest-lasting backyard eating spaces.

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