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Marble – A Classic Choice for Kitchen Counters

Any visit to a historical site or museum reveals how popular marble has been through the millennium. This unique and beautiful metamorphic rock was used heavily in the ancient Greco-Roman periods and has stood the test of time more than most other materials. Today, marble kitchen counters and other hard surfaces in the home have become synonymous with style and luxury. Before you make a decision about your countertops, learn more about this stone.

The History of Marble

The earliest known mention of marble was made in ancient Greece in the third century BCE. This unique and beautiful stone was also used in Rome and Anatolia, which is modern-day Turkey. This letter location was the site of huge marble mines as early as the 7th century BCE. This stone became the foundation of their economy for many years. The artists and architects use it for everything from religious buildings to statuary, a practice which still goes on today.

Unlike other stones with monolithic looks, marble comes in an amazing variety of colors and patterns. White marble is one of the most popular varieties. You can also find black, gray, cream, red, brown, blue, green, yellow, and Calcatta marble known for thick veins of alternate colors. Instead of solid colors, all marble has natural striations and veining that give each piece a unique look.

Marble Sources in the Modern Age

Most of the marble used in home design and hard surface solutions today comes from Italy, Spain, India, and China. Unique colors of specialty stone, from smaller quarries in other parts of the world. Due to the rarity, these are generally more expensive than other options.

Why Choose Marble for Countertops Today

The primary reason why people choose marble stone for their kitchen counters and bathroom countertops today is its unique beauty. You can pick out your favorite slab to get the pattern and veins you like the best or leave it up to your remodeling team. It has other benefits besides appearance, however.

Although marble is not as hard as granite, it does last a very long time. Since this stone is considered soft and porous, you do need to protect and treat it with some extra care. They are particularly susceptible to damage by acidic liquids and can stain if not sealed. This does not mean your counter will fall apart or get nicks and chips and it after a year of use. However, you will need to avoid harsh cleansers and have them sealed by a professional every year.

Despite the drawbacks, nothing quite gives the look and feel of marble counters in your kitchen. The unique natural designs inherent in the stone will make your home stand out from others. If you want a long-lasting and simply beautiful hard surface solution, choose marble, the stone that first caught the eye of the ancients for their most important buildings and art and continues to delight homeowners today.

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