5 Top Material Options for Kitchen Countertops for Indiana Homes

If you are mulling over renovating the kitchen countertop of your Indiana home, your local contractors will offer you a host of material options. The variety of choices only makes it more confusing for homeowners to pick the best material based on their use, budget, and aesthetic preference.

To save you from that confusion, we have shortlisted the five best material options for kitchen countertops. In the following discussion, you can find the benefits and downsides of using any of these five materials.


Marble can be an excellent pick for a kitchen countertop due to its supreme appearance. Each marble slab boasts a unique pattern and color grading, making every countertop different from the other. On the other hand, it also features waterproof and heatproof attributes that are in line with what you require for a kitchen countertop.

However, exotic marble kitchen countertops lie at a higher price point. Also, they are prone to scratching and can quickly develop stains if installed without sealing. If you want to keep your budget in check but still want some marble representation on the countertop, use it for the island or the counter’s baking center.


If you want a material that is as easy on the eyes as marble but exhibits better durability, you can go with granite countertops. Granite boasts maximum heat resistance. It also better withstands forceful impacts as compared to marble. Also, you can obtain them in thousands of natural shades and patterns. However, be mindful of the cost because it may get more expensive than marble.


Quartz is another top material for kitchen countertops due to its robust construction. The quartz slabs developed for kitchen countertops are not made of 100% quartz mineral. They are a combination of over 90% quartz and some other minerals bound together with resins in different shapes. Quartz kitchen countertops may come more economically priced than granite and marble. They are also easy to maintain and typically don’t need sealing for stain prevention. However, their visual presentation is not on par with the two materials discussed above.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are cheap yet functional alternatives to natural stone options. If you invest in suitable ceramic/porcelain tiles, you can furnish your kitchen countertop with a heat-resistant and easy-on-the-eyes finishing. However, they are prone to chip from impacts, and their grout lines are a hassle to clean.

Polished Concrete

If you want to give a peculiar and sophisticated look to your kitchen, you can go with a polished concrete kitchen countertop. You can get polished concrete slabs with perfect sealing, color tinting, and decorative textures if you work with a seasoned kitchen countertop contractor in Indiana. However, it would help if you were very diligent with their maintenance because they are susceptible to develop cracks over time.

If you want to install kitchen countertops for your home in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in any of the materials discussed above, get in touch with F & M Tile & Terrazzo Company. We have been operating for more than six decades, offering first-class hard-surface solutions for flooring, wall tiles, and kitchen countertops.

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