18 Marble Countertops Kitchens From Pinterest That Will Get You Itching to Remodel

Marble countertops are beautiful, natural, and unique.

Adding this one element into any kitchen can turn it from standard to something much more luxurious. If you’re still not convinced, we have picked 20 kitchens from Pinterest that have incorporated the natural stone into their space to elevate their design onto a whole new plain:

  1. Dark painted wooden cabinets are perfectly complemented with the use of marble with similar dark-shaded veins running through it. The marble here is used on the countertops and the backsplash for a seamless finish.

  2. Different marble accents are used in this kitchen, which seems to use the stone throughout the entire design. The white and light grey countertop brings variety to the stone that ties the whole look.

  3. The sandy colors running through this marble countertop bring warmth into this space. The otherwise dark tones in this kitchen are broken with the smart use of this multicolored marble.

  4. This kitchen features more of an industrial look. The designer has played around with different materials and textures, even bring a few of them together in just one piece to create this unique room. The mix of shiny metal against the grey stone somehow makes a lot of sense for this space.

  5. Talking about a mix, these exposed brick ceilings and concrete walls paired with thin black metal frames create a design that brings rustic and modern elements together. The classic black marble seems to be the point of attraction in this room.

  6. In this space, instead of having the marble stand out, it is being used to tie in all the elements in the room. The use of grey marble compliments the concrete walls making the look of the room more cohesive.

  7. This extremely unique and thick marble has been paired with light wood to create a kitchen countertop that stands out. The multiple colors in this marble break up the monotony of the otherwise muted room.

  8. There’s something special about the contrast between white, cold, and sleek marble and natural, rustic wood. The relationship between the two elements creates some of the most beautiful spaces.

  9. The random clouding and veining of this light marble play really well with the straight grain of the wood used in this space. It helps keep everything in the room neutral, so the designer was free to add colors through other accent elements.

  10. Keeping it clean and minimal while still adding a touch of luxury is the ideal aesthetic when you are working with marble. This kitchen showcases that perfectly.

  11. Another great example of a clean, minimalist space is this kitchen. Here, the use of light wood and gold is used to accent the warm-toned veining in the marble.

  12. Marble does not always have to create a space that looks luxurious. It can also be used to create a warm and homely space that is just a little more upscale. Here is a great example of that.

  13. Minimalism at its best is when marble is paired with white and light wood. Here, you can see how minimally veined marble is used to create a clean and modern space.

  14. On the exact opposite end of the spectrum, we have this kitchen that has used black and dark wood to make the space look contemporary and eye-catching. This beautiful and unique black-and-white marble ties the entire room together.

  15. This is another example of black used in a kitchen. However, this time the use of white and grey marble brings some lightness and airy-ness into the room instead.

  16. Here is an example of a kitchen that stands perfectly in the middle of the two above. It still has elements of black and has used white marble to lighten the space. However, the marble features a lot more grey to tie in the black used for the cabinets.

  17. In this kitchen, the designer has used a much more densely colored and veined marble. This marble emulates the graining of the wood used in the other parts of the kitchen, creating an interesting and cohesive look.

  18. Marble is known for being luxurious and opulent. The design of this kitchen shows just how much luxury can be injected into a space with just a few design elements.

As you can see, marble comes in many colors, with different designs and overall looks. You can choose one that suits your space best to elevate the look of your kitchen. We hope you found some inspiration from our list. If you want to check out our marble collection, click here.

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